Our goal at Dynamic Diesel is to handle all issues related to your vehicle so well that we earn the privilege of managing the life cycle of all of your vehicles, your family’s vehicles and your friend’s vehicles. In order to accomplish this, we know we need to perform the highest quality work on your vehicle at a fair price.

The service our customers receive doesn’t stop when they leave our doors. It continues on. We know that our customers rely on us to take care of their vehicles and ensure that they have a safe, comfortable ride. It’s been this way since 1992, and we intend to continue this tradition of customer care for years to come.

We don’t want you to need to think about the health and longevity of your vehicles. We will do that for you. We are going to accurately alert you when you need to come in for needed services or when we feel we need to discuss your vehicle’s history. This is achieved by using a highly intelligent system of reminder mailers that follow the custom schedule for your vehicle, adjusted to your specific driving habits. When you get a reminder mailer, just give us a call.

We will also follow up with you on the phone after the service to make sure everything is okay. This is also a chance for you to help us. We want to ensure that everyone in our organization is representing Dynamic Diesel properly, giving top quality service and doing a great job. You can help us do this by letting us know how you felt about your recent visit to us when we call to follow up with you. We want to make sure that we are worthy of your business.

We believe that if you trust us to work on your vehicle, we better back up our work with a National Warranty and a 24-Hour Roadside Assistance Program. We want you to know we believe in ourselves enough to offer these valuable services free of charge, from coast to coast. Again, we want to earn all of your business and keep it for life.

With the National Warranty and 24-Hour Roadside Assistance Program, you will receive a membership card that doubles as a Loyalty Rewards Card. After all, you are doing what we ask by properly maintaining your vehicle, so we are going to set aside money from each of your visits for use at our service facility in the future!