Our History

Best Diesel Auto Repair in Snohomish WA and the Northwest!

If you want to know more about Dynamic Diesel, and how we became the Best Diesel Auto Repair in Snohomish WA and the Northwest, keep reading and we'll tell you our story...

In 1982, Lin Hill started his diesel career in the marine industry. Lin led crews out at sea on various types of tugs and ships from San Francisco to Dutch Harbor Alaska. He and his crew would repair and service marine engines throughout the night and day to keep the vessel on its course and maintain the ship’s schedule.

In 1992, tired of the travels, Lin decided he wanted to open his own repair facility and specialize in diesel. Lin had been working on gas vehicles prior to the marine industry since he was 12 years old. He also worked at various automotive parts distribution warehouses and managed retail parts stores.

Needless to say Lin has been in the industry long enough to have experienced every realm of the automotive industry, from parts to management, and even was a Lead Mechanic on a Drag car.

In 1993, his son Steve joined his side at their facility in Lynnwood, and is still by his dad’s side today. Steve is Lin’s Lead Diagnostician, Performance and Drivability Specialist and has earned several ASE and BOSCH Certifications. Steve has received Chrysler factory training and worked part-time for three years as the Lead Diesel Technician for a local Dodge Dealership until 1997. Steve along with his sister, Nichole, were both raised in the back of a station wagon in the pits at the drag strip.

In 2002, Lin and Lorene had the opportunity to buy their own building in the City of Snohomish. So, they moved their Technicians and equipment 30 miles away in hopes of attracting more diesel trucks and motorhomes.

Things were going well, even though it is always difficult to pull up roots and start all over in another city. Lin and Lorene were very thankful for their loyal customers from Lynnwood, Edmonds, Seattle and Everett, who traveled all the way to Snohomish just to have their vehicles serviced by them.

Lin and Lorene were very good friends with Frank and Sheri Bear who owned Bear Alignment and Brake Service in Everett. Their friendship began in the late ’80s as members of the ASA (Automotive Service Association). Spending time together at ASA conferences and ASA meetings, their friendship grew. They also referred customers to one another when their customers had a need the other could not provide, and this was based on trust and mutual admiration. Each company knew the other would treat their customers with respect, honesty and quality craftsmanship.

In 2005, Frank and Sheri Bear decided to retire from the automotive industry to pursue other interests. Based on a long period of friendship, trust, respect and a good fit in the diesel industry, they asked Lin and Lorene if they would like to buy Bear Alignment and Brake.

After not much thought, Lin and Lorene jumped at the opportunity to provide their customers with a one-stop-shop, to service the diesel owner with all aspects needed to maintain their vehicle in top condition.

Dynamic Diesel is proud to have combined a team of Certified Diesel Technicians and a team of Certified Suspension and Alignment Specialists. Reputations built on doing what nobody else can!