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  • 2005 GMC Sierra

    GMC Sierra
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    • Tried to start truck and both batteries are completely dead. Charged batteries for several hours before we could get the truck to turn over. Load tested both batteries and both failed test. Performed a starter draw test and found starter is drawing more than double what factory spec is for amperage. When cranking engine the starter is killer the power to scan tool. Looking through history, we have a note the says the customer has had to hit the starter with a hammer to get engine to turn over. Needs batteries and a new starter. Scanned computer for codes and found V0105 lost communication with fuel injection control module. Test drove truck for several miles, and then ran engine at high RPM for over an hour. Truck has not acted up. Also tried the wiggle test on injector harness with no effect. After reading through the all the history we have on this truck, this truck has come in to the shop 2 times and had all 8 injector codes set. Highly doubt this is a wiring issue. We unplugged the edge unit suspecting this is the cause of all the issues. Edge is still plugged in. Did customer plug the Edge back in? Recommend leaving the Edge unplugged and driving the truck. It takes so many miles for it to act up, we recommend that the customer takes the truck with the Edge unplugged and report back after several miles of driving time.
    • #2 BATTERY – Remove & Replace – Both – [Includes: Test.]
    • #3 STARTER ASSEMBLY – Remove & Replace – V8,Diesel
    Teresa M. gave our service a 5 star review on 6/2/2022